Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Bye for the summer, and for good

The last few days of term we didn't do much. It was Ramadan, which always slows things down to start with, and the calendar was rather quiet, with only a few goodbyes penciled in.

We had dentist appointments, pre-summer haircuts and the kids had friends for sleepovers. Lucas two best mates, Ed and KJ unfortunately both left for good at the end of this school year, both returning to their home country Australia.

We hosted a compound dinner for our Irish and German friends to see in the summer holidays, and we went down to Dubai to wish the Dehlis a happy summer.

We also said goodbye to some old neighbours of ours, the Robins, who after four years returned to the UK this summer. Here's Lucas with his good friend Alex:

Once again, it will be a different Abu Dhabi we return to after the summer... having to try and find new friends. The downside to being an expat in a place where the turnover is really fast.

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  1. So it just means you will all have to come and visit the Robins family in London.....